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Seminar Topics

How can I enjoy God?

  Learning to relish God and His will.


The Root of the Problem

Understanding why we find it so difficult to enjoy God.


How does a Christian sin?

What role does sin play in the life of the fully-surrendered follower of Christ?


How am I (really) doing spiritually?

How am I doing spiritually? How do I know? How CAN I know?

How does surrender work?

The nuts and bolts of surrender: What is it, how can I get it, recognize it, and keep it?

The Greatest Unused Power

How we can receive the Holy Spirit with power into our lives.


Enjoying God Forever

How can my love relationship with Jesus last for eternity?


What Happens When I Fail?

Human beings are, by nature, failures. How does that fact affect me and how does it affect God?

And many more...

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