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Living the joy-filled Christian life is one of the greatest privileges that God has given to you and to me. But such a life is not intuitive, natural, or easy for us. We are born with natures that draw us away from God. How can you and I collaborate with God so that He can be victorious over our natures and give us a deep relish for Him, consistent victory over chosen sin, and true joy even amid the storms of life?


Only God can do it...only you and I can let Him.


The only thing better than living the Christian life is enjoying it!



See all the topics available form the seminars. And remember, they are free of charge.


Hear them on your computer, on your phone, on your iPod, or share them with your friends.


Watch inspirational seminars on your device, and get motivated to a new life in Christ.


Material of all kinds to make to follow the seminars or to do a deeper study by yourself.

The Challenge


We recognize a great need in our church for revival and reformation. But do we as individuals know how, in practical terms, to achieve that goal? And do we understand the, sometimes radical, consequences of that revival?


We are told that every new Christian should be taught the “foundation principles” of the Christian life, but that never happened to me. Although I gleaned some of that knowledge during the decades of my Christian life, I had tragic gaps in my understanding of what it meant to be a true disciple of Christ. These gaps led to years of frustration and spiritual poverty.


In these seminars we look at some of the backbone principles of discipleship with the goal of understanding how we can live joyfully and powerfully in this wonderful life that God has given us.


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Seminar formats and lengths are flexible:

  • Sabbath sermon

  • Single day seminar

  • Weekend seminar

  • Week of spiritual emphasis

References available upon request

Except for travel expenses and material costs, all seminars are free of charge.

Basic and Advanced Series

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Michael Dant's seminar tackles some of the most profound issues in the process of justification and sanctification.  And he processes his subjects with a clear, engaging delivery that makes sense. This is an important set of lectures.

Dr. Robert Montague

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