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The joy-filled life with Jesus is one of the greatest privileges that God has given to you and to me. But such a life is not intuitive, natural, or easy for us. We are born with natures that draw us away from God. How can you and I collaborate with Him so that He can be victorious over our natures and give us a deep relish for Him, consistent victory over chosen sin, and true peace and joy even amid the storms of life?

Only God can do it...but only you and I can let Him.

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Full-featured workbook apps with audio, and video, reflection and interaction questions, Points to Ponder and chapter summaries.

Free Workbooks

Basic seminar
Advanced seminar

Full-color workbooks in PDF format for each seminar with presentation summaries, Points to Ponder, and reflection questions.

PowerPoint Slides

#1 The Great Cosmic Equation
#2 How Can I Enjoy God?
#3 Enjoying God to the Fullest
#4 The Root of the Problem

Read-only copies of the PowerPoint presentations that you can use for review or for sharing. (Note: Unfortunately these must be read-only because I do not own the photos)

#5 Drowning in the Will of the Almighty
#6 My Story
#7 How to Die and do it Right
#11 How Does a Christian Sin?
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